Home Sweet Home

This week has been the most intense and informative week I think I have ever experienced. From the fast paced storm chasing mode to the slow paced  tourist . I have seen more of our amazing country than I thought I would ever have the experience  to. The storm that we did see blew past my expectations completely .

Now I am sitting at home is Seguin, Texas trying to explain to my family and friends the amazing things i saw and experienced. I can not even come close. I have also stated brainstorming ideas for some new art pieces. I miss my stormchasing family already. I can not wait to see everyone again and I now I can not wait to see the morning weather forcast. This has changed my life.


Slow Chase Mode

After our previous day of extreme chase mode we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We all woke with high hopes and positivity for the new day. We loaded Into the van and set our eye on a few developing clouds. After catching up to it and watching for a while we decided to move on and head back to Amarillo.
While on our way back to where this whole adventure started we stopped at a windmill museum and snapped a few fun photos. We all load up once again and hit the road. We made one really fast stop at Dairy Queen to get some fairwell ice-cream. Then the last stop we made was at the hotel. We all went our separate ways and began to rest up for our next day of traveling.
Compaired to yesterday this day was a little slow paced and not as exciting. Well storm wise. We all managed to have fun in the van still. We pulled into Amarillo pretty late. We were all tired and ready to sleep but I still had to find a way to squeeze everything back into my very small duffle bag in order to get back home. Once everything was zipped up and placed by the door I hit the hay. Yes this day was a lot slower and not as exciting as others but it was still fun.

Chase Mode Chase Mode Chase Mode

     Today was by far the best chase day we have seen. We woke up  and got our morning forecast from our personal weather man, Ryan Hoke. Then we all jumped in and headed to our promising clump of active clouds.
While the clouds were still mixing and assembling we stopped in at Greensberg, Kansas. This town had been flattened about two years prior to our visit by a huge tornado. The amazing thing about this town is that when they decided to rebuild they made an agreement to rebuild green. They are an Eco friendly community. It was very uplifting to meet a few of the survivors. The whole town has a feeling of strength and hope for the future.
After visiting this pleasant town we got into chase mode and zoomed toward our now promising storm. We could all tell the weather was getting progressively worse, which was great for us. We pulled off for a few photos and saw plenty of other chasers while doing so. The storm moved closer and chase mode was activated and we sprinted for the van and made our quick get away. While we were fleeing our van was hit by a poor bird which we believe was a pheasant. It was sad but frighteningly exciting.
After finding a safe spot we stopes once more for pictures. According to our fearless leader Mr.Carey a few funnels did form but didn’t touch ground. By the time all the photos were taken we once aging had to flee, but this time it was dark. The only light we had were the fierce lighting bolts shooting out of our storm. The weather got really bad really fast. The rain was hard and the lightning persistent. But we made it our safe and sound. We found our hotel, ate, and hit the hay.
What I saw today was indescribable. The power and strength in the storm was humbling. I certainly did not expect to have such an emotional reaction to the storm but I truly did. Everyone should experience this some time in their life. There may have been no tornado but I didn’t even need it. I thank God for providing this incredible adventure. I can not wait to make art reflecting this trip.

Practice Makes Perfect

     Today was our first real day of storm chasing. We weren’t in high speed and there was no tornado but there was a really nice cloud forming and moving that looked promising. We chased it till it dissipated. I got some really awesome pictures of the cloud mass growing.
We all got back in the van and headed to our hotel once again. We were informed that the next day would be the big day so we all had to rest up and get ready for our big day that was quickly coming. It was a short fast day. Now it is hard to fall asleep because of my excitement for tomorrow.

Just the Right Spot

So far our days have been full of basic fun tourist activities to fill our time until our storm chasing opportunities fall into place. So we spent most of our time in the van finding the perfect spot to wait for some action.
However we did still manage to make a few tourist pit stops along the way. We stopped to see the Monahans sand dunes. It was strange to see so much sand without any water. After seeing the sand we made our way over to the Odessa meteor crater. A large hole from outer space. It was a fast hike around the hole but worth it in the end.
Once we found our hotel and checked in we finished the night with a good old fashioned girl sleep over. We stayed up pretty late having really amazing conversations. It was the perfect ending.

Highs and Lows.

Climbing down. Climbing up. Climbing over. Climbing under. All this in one very physically demanding day. We returned to Carlsbad Caverns, this time we came to see the lovely homes of the bats not the graceful migration to find food. In order to see their living space we had to hike down 700 feet into a deep dark cave. The natural curves and cuts in the rock were beautiful. I must admit I’m jealous of the amazing view these bats have. The thick darkness, clear silence, and crisp cold air is such an inspiring surrounding. I couldn’t describe what I saw in that cave in any other way than a master piece.
After climbing down we switched gears and climbed up. We trecked our way up part of the Guadalupe Mountains. Although the climb was a lot longer than planned it was worth it. The view was massive and the sky was sprinkled perfectly with fluffy clouds.
After our fast work out we quickly visited the salt flats and headed back to our peaceful rooms where we actually didn’t have to make too much of a climb to get to. Over all this day was a blast. This trip has been so much more than I planned. I’m going to walk away with life long friends and life long memories. I’m not sure if there is more to gain.

Alien sighting in Roswell, NM

The team in the Big Texan

Meeting Aliens

Our second day of adventure proved to be something unbelievable. I met an actual alien. He owned and worked at his own alien gift shop. He had a hobby for deep-sea diving and Russian wrist watches. Aside from meeting an alien at the world-famous area 51 learning about the possible extraterrestrial interaction was fascinating. I even got to dabble in a little alien art. I certainly feel an out of world art inspiration coming.
After our trip to space we visited Carlsbad caverns. The view was breath-taking amazing. We then walked down and took a seat to see the incredible night flight of a colony of bats.
Sure this is a storm chasing trip but no one ever said anything about not being able to stop and see these incredible pieces of God’s power.
Our group is growing closer and the fun is never-ending. Our next day together will be even better.