A Day to Remember Thursday, June 14

From Goodland, KS, we drove to our target area around McCook, NE.  Storms initiated around 3:00 p.m. and the chase was on.  One storm absorbed the storms around it and grew into a beast.  A large wall cloud formed and the storm’s overall color and structure was amazing.  Eventually, the storm became outflow dominant and generated a massive dust storm. Winds at ground level reached  60 to 70 MPH.   While fleeing away from the oncoming dust, we were hit by several large hail stones.  As the dust blew across the highway in front of us, we noticed a huge gustnado on an intercept course with our vehicle.  We had no choice but to drive into it as it crossed the road.  Fortunately, I shot video of the intercept and will post it after I return home.  It was awesome!

By day’s end, we were in Colby, KS where we were treated to a beautiful display of clouds and lightning.  This has been the best day of my storm chasing outing so far.  There is promise of more storms tomorrow.

The edge of a supercell storm approaches our location.

Strong outflow winds begin to generate a dust storm.

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