O Moisture, Moisture, Wherefore Art Thou Moisture?

One of the great pleasures about travelling throughout the Great Plains is finding hidden gems like the Copper Kitchen Cafe (blue awning) in La Junta, Colorado. Good food, great prices, and a teriffic waitress.

Greetings from Iowa!  Drove from Valentine, Nebraska to Atlantic, Iowa on Wednesday.  Although storms did fire in eastern Nebraska, there was not enough available moisture in the atmosphere to generate supercell storms.  The lack of moisture (low dew points) have plagued us all week.  Normally, at this time of year moisture streams northward from the Gulf of Mexico providing the fuel needed to support the formation of severe thunderstorms.  Thursday looks to be another positioning day.  The best chance for tornadoes is in Wisconsin and Michigan today,  but that is too  far away for us to chase.

This might be a good time to discuss the make-up of the group I’m chasing with this week.   In addition to people from all over the United States, I am joined by a couple from Denmark, a couple from England, and two brothers from Australia.  It’s a little bit like going storm chasing with the UN.  It’s always a pleasure to meet people from all over the world.   For some reason, my choice of Cheeze Whiz as a snack food choice fascinated the young woman from Denmark.

Looks like we are headed to Kansas today for a possible severe weather set-up on Friday.

One of the nights this week, I’d like to get more than 5 hours sleep.


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