A Long Day for Little Pay


Tail End Charlie

Drove over 600 miles on Tuesday from La Junta, New Mexico to near Mission, South Dakota.  We zeroed in on a developing storm at the tail end of a line of strong thunderstorms including supercells.  Our storm, known as a Tail End Charlie by storm chasers, had all the ingredients to potentially become a tornadic supercell except one…not enough moisture.  Still, it had some nice structure to it and I was able to take some interesting cloud formation photographs.  Also, the drive through the Nebraska Sandhills country is always nice.  Active as recently as a few thousand years ago, this region of vegatation-stabilized sand dunes (once referred to as The Great American Desert) covers about a quarter of the state of Nebraska and is the largest dune field in the Western Hemisphere.

Speent the night in the romantically named town of Valentine, Nebraska.  Plans for Wednesday are to target southern Nebraska and north central Kansas.   Increasing moisture might help the formation of supercell storms in this general area.

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