Opening Act

Wind farms consisting of arrays of gigantic wind turbines dot the Great Plains. Here is one of the blades on its way to becoming part of a new wind turbine. One doesn’t appreciate how large the blades are until close to one

A series of three mature thunderstorms form in SE Colorado.

It’s late. I’m tired.  However, yesterday was a great chase day.  From Lubbock, Texas we  targeted an area where the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado meet.  Storms began to fire around mid-afternoon, and we were treaded to an LP supercell near Clayton, New Mexico (see photo).  LP stands for low precipitation, and the lack of heavy rain and hail gives the storm chaser a clear view of the storm’s amazing structure.  I will add additional photos when time permits, but we need to be on the road early to reach our target area for Tuesday.

LP Supercell


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