I Like your Flower; A Final Thought on Our Adventure

“I like your flower.” A phrase that has nothing and everything to do with our storm chasing trip. Our week of storm chasing was incredible. We got to see several big storms, which is why I  went, but we also got so much more than that. The week that we were out was filled with laughter, with awesome sights that were new to me and to most of our group, and with awesome people that I am really glad I got to know.

I began the storm chasing journey purely to see the wonder of God, and I did, but in so many more ways than I had imagined. We not only saw God’s power through the storms, but his wonder in the landscapes that we saw, and his mystery and complexity in the museums that we visited.

It was a wonderful trip, and I got so much out of it, most of which was unplanned. I got to spend a week seeing things that I’ve never seen before with a group of amazing people that I would have probably never gotten to know otherwise.  I will miss them this summer, there is no one else I would rather have spent a week trapped in a van with! (Who shall like my flower now?)

Did I get what I thought I would out of storm chasing? No. I got so much more. This has been an extraordinary journey that I have trouble expressing in words, but suffice to say, if you ever have the chance to storm chase with the incredible Mr. Carey, go for it!

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