The Calm Before the Storm?

Storm Chasing with Steve Carey
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Greetings from Goodland, Kansas.  Most of today was spent traveling from Oklahoma City to Goodland, Kansas in anticipation of  intercepting a supercell or two in northeastern Colorado tomorrow.  The supercells we’ve seen so far have been rather “messy” and not very photogenic, so I am hoping that Colorado produces at least one spectacular supercell that has the classic “mothership” look.  Frankly, I needed a downday to recover from yesterday’s tornado outbreak in Oklahoma.

On Monday’s blog, I mentioned that I thought we had driven into an actual tornado.  After conferring with my fellow storm chasers and getting independent verification from another storm chaser who saw the tornado, it looks as if we really did drive into a weak tornado.  We could see debris swirling around, but the funnel itself was invisible.  Fortunately, we did not take a direct side impact to one of our vehicles which could have resulted in forcing a vehicle off the road or perhaps even flipping it over.   The tornado itself was a very long arching funnel and from inside the vehicles, we could not see where it connected to the clouds above.   A photo taken at the time clearly shows a tornado on the ground at our location.


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