Final Thoughts

In many ways storm chasing was what I expected it to be, and in many ways it wasn’t.

The chase mode schedule was exactly what I thought it would be. We went with as few breaks as possible; restroom and food was basically an afterthought. We didn’t get in until late at night; and, dinner was variable.

The downtime schedule, when storms weren’t brewing surprised me a little. I knew we would be busy during the day, sightseeing and learning about geology. However, I did not think we would be getting in so late. There wasn’t much of a difference between the times we got into a hotel during chase mode verses downtime.

Another thing that surprised me (and it is something I touched on in my last blog) was that being around so many people for so long didn’t drive me nearly as crazy as I thought it would. No offense to anyone but I just can’t normally deal with people in large doses. Maybe it was because I was expecting it and able to mentally prepare? Maybe it was because everyone on the trip was so amazing? Maybe it was a little of both? No matter which, I had a wonderful time in part because I enjoyed everyone’s company. So thanks to Amy, Alisha, Josh, Ashlee, Daniel, Lane, Hollie, Kelsey, Mr. Carey, Other Mr. Carey (Andy), Todd, Ryan, and all the people in the other van!

The traveling to completely new and for me unexplored places was very fun. I got to add three new states to the list of states I’ve been to, or really four since the only other time I’d been to Texas it was a flight layover and I didn’t get to leave the airport. Seeing all that countryside and going along the county roads was also an interesting and enlightening experience. It really opened my eyes to the fact that there is so much more than the cities and towns that line the interstates.

Of course, the reason and highlight for the trip was the storms.

It might be obvious to say this: but I am constantly awed by God’s creation. The power and intensity of the storms were breathtaking. The way we were able to see the storms so clearly and completely out in the plains gave me a better understand of how they form in a way that pictures and diagrams can never truly compete with. I am slightly disappointed that we were unable to see a tornado. However, going out there I recognized we probably wouldn’t so the disappointment isn’t heartbreaking; and, really everything else we did more than made up for there not being any tornadoes.

Even though the trip was fun, my heart is with the victims of the latest tornadoes. As much as I want to see a tornado, I never want to see the suffering tornadoes can bring. Sadly life doesn’t work that way, and we must make do with how it is.

In a nutshell, I enjoyed the class and trip and would jump an opportunity to go storm chasing again.


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