Storm chasing.  A  phenomenal opportunity, unforgettable adventure, and life-changing experience. I started this trip hungry for adventure, intrigued by the power and design of tornadoes, and excited for the chance to see them in person. I wanted to see God’s design revealed in His creation, focusing on tornadoes as that creation, and secretly having high hopes of a constant daily interaction with them. Crazy expectations? Absolutely. Aside from the fact that having one ‘good day’ in the week is a significant success, I entered in with expectations far too narrow-minded. God was quick to wake me up.

Did I see a tornado? Not a single one. Did i see God’s power and design through His creation? More than i could ever have imagined. From day one, i was having the time of my life interacting with people from a completely different culture than I have grown up in here in Alabama. Then i had the chance to experience Carlsbad Caverns, the Guadalupe Mountains, the salt flats, sand dunes, and Odessa meteor crater. Before ever seeing the first hint of a storm, God had already revealed himself to me through His creation in so many more ways than i anticipated. From massive geological formations to a small, intricate meteor fragment, I began to hear God whispering, ‘Wake up, open you eyes. You are surrounded by my power and glory, and you don’t even realize it.’

The most beautiful and powerful display of God’s power during this trip was witnessing and being a part of my own personal transformation, and the transformation of my team members. We all embarked on this journey as individuals, strangers for the most part. Experiencing God’s presence in such a beautiful way together, we left the trip with relationships that will last a life time. We all signed up for this trip with our own unique agendas and expectations, but I can clearly see now that God had different plans for us. He changed me and my mindset. He woke me up to see His glory surrounding me, even in the smallest detail.

Would it have made the week more exciting to see a tornado? Of course. But if i could, i would not change a single thing about last week. I think, given the circumstances, maybe we needed to not see a tornado, because thats the one thing we all went to see. I think, just maybe, God used this week to shake us up and broaden our horizons a little bit. He doesn’t need a tornado to show us his unspeakable power and beauty, and i don’t need a tornado to see it.

In closing, i want to give a special thanks to Mr. Todd with Storm Chasing Adventure Tours for allowing us to tag along for the week. Thanks to the University of Mobile for the opportunity to study something like this, and providing the means to communicate our experiences via these blogs. A very special shout out goes to Mr. Carey. I have learned so much from you this week, and have really been blessed to get to know you. Your passion and excitement about creation is inspiring and challenging to me. Thanks for taking a group of crazy college kids and making us feel like family.

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