A Truly Enriching Experience

This past week has been extraordinary in many ways. When I left for this trip I expected to observe and study storms and put what I had learned in the classroom to practical use. However, the events that unfolded over the past seven days have taught me about everything from history to horses to rock formations.

When I think back on this week, I can honestly say, that although there were some rough patches, I enjoyed every minute of it and would be the first in line to do it again. A bond that can only be formed by thirty plus hours in a van has brought myself and the other students together in a way that I can only describe as family. I love each and every one of them and their crazy, fun-loving ways. Lane described it best at the end of the week when he said that he’d spent a whole week with us and could honestly say he didn’t hate any of us. Well guys, its been a week and I don’t hate you either. In fact, looking back on it, I kinda wish that it had been a two week trip instead of just one.


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