Final Journal Entry

4 flights, 4 states, and over 40 hours of drive time in the van and we are officially finished with our storm chasing adventure. Through it all we’ve learned about everything from geology to meteorology and had the time of our lives doing it.

I’m writing this blog from 10.000 feet in the air somewhere between Houston and Pensacola. We’ve said our goodbyes to the team and now we’re anxiously awaiting to be reunited with our loved ones. Though our adventure comes to an end, the memories, friendships, and knowledge gained do not fade.

Unfortunately we were unable to witness a tornado in person this trip, but we were able to witness a few incredible super cells which did produce a few rotating funnels that never made contact with the ground. This trip has opened my eyes to the fact that we still have so much to learn about tornados and why they’re formed. I encourage everyone, scientist or not, to learn all that you can about severe storms. While we will never be able to control the weather, we can learn how to better predict predict and prepare for them in effort to save more lives. Which for me, is one of the primary reasons for studying meteorology.. I also encourage those who are able to take at least one storm chasing trip at some point. All that aside, I’ve grown so much closer to the Lord, our Creator, throughout this trip as He allowed us to see His creation like never before. What an incredible Savior we serve.

A huge thank you goes out to Mr. Carey, Storm Chasing Adventure Tours, and the University of Mobile for making our trip possible. I also would like to thank you, the reader, for your support and prayers throughout this past week. I’ll never forget this epic journey and I’m looking forward to life’s next adventure.

God bless,

Josh Hembree

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