Wrapping Up the Week

Today (Friday, May 20) was the last day of the trip. After an absolutely phenomenal chase last night, the pace today was a little more relaxing. We did chase a couple of storms that looked promising, but in the end, conditions were just not right for any good formation. So, after spending a little time in Dodge City, Kansas, tapping into Mr. Carey’s knowledge about the history of the town, we hit the road headed to Amarillo.

It was an incredibly long drive, but i don’t regret a moment of it. It was a really nice time to share and reflect on the trip as a whole, and just fellowship with the rest of the group, continuing to strengthen the bond’s that have formed between us all as a result of this trip. We made it official and adopted Mr. Carey as ‘Papaw’ with an honorary key chain from a gift shop back in Dodge City. From then on out, as we slowly slipped out of consciousness due to lack of sleep, we talked, laughed, and sang the night away all the way to Amarillo. I think i can speak for all of us students when i say it was  an incredible day, and one to remember.

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