Let’s Wrap it Up

Well the week has drawn to an end and we have all headed home. We didn’t get to see a tornado but we learned a lot during the process. I think we not only learned alot about storms but about ourselves and each other as well. We have all bonded and made friendships that we will never forget. I wish that we could have seen a tornado but I don’t think that if I could I would change a thing that happened. God blessed us with a view of his creation that we will never forget. I think that the majority of us are already planning to go again in the future. Especially after today when all the tornadoes swept through the midwest the day after we left. I think that it even further developed our fascination with storms and  the wonders of God’s creation.  

Even though we didn’t seen the elusive tornado we still learned. I plan to take home what I have learned about, not just tornadoes but storms in general and hopefully better equip my hometown for future disasters. I think that this is very important since my hometown was recently ravished by a series of storms that raked across Alabama. But overall this trip helped everyone learn more.

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