Slow Chase Mode

After our previous day of extreme chase mode we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We all woke with high hopes and positivity for the new day. We loaded Into the van and set our eye on a few developing clouds. After catching up to it and watching for a while we decided to move on and head back to Amarillo.
While on our way back to where this whole adventure started we stopped at a windmill museum and snapped a few fun photos. We all load up once again and hit the road. We made one really fast stop at Dairy Queen to get some fairwell ice-cream. Then the last stop we made was at the hotel. We all went our separate ways and began to rest up for our next day of traveling.
Compaired to yesterday this day was a little slow paced and not as exciting. Well storm wise. We all managed to have fun in the van still. We pulled into Amarillo pretty late. We were all tired and ready to sleep but I still had to find a way to squeeze everything back into my very small duffle bag in order to get back home. Once everything was zipped up and placed by the door I hit the hay. Yes this day was a lot slower and not as exciting as others but it was still fun.

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