No Tornadoes, But Still a Great Week

Storm Chasing with Steve Carey

Ever climb a windmill?

May 21, 2011

OK, I’m going to say this…I miss my students.  A new week of storm chasing is ahead for me; but somehow this morning it seems a little empty.  My brother has safely returned to his family in Delaware and my Super Storms of the Midwest class is over.  For the past week, I’ve let the students in that course do most of the blogging about their storm chasing experiences. It has been a pleasure to share this past week with them.  They did themselves and the University of Mobile proud, and I would take this group of fine young men and women anywhere.   Their energy and enthusiam was infectious and they impressed all of the other storm chasers on the trip. Great job guys.  This blog is for you…

Learning about some Great Plains geology.


2 comments on “No Tornadoes, But Still a Great Week

  1. amywright says:

    We miss you too, papaw! 🙂 Thanks for making it happen. You made it worthwhile!

  2. dwattier says:

    We miss you too! Thank you so much for making this trip what it was. We all truly had a blast with you this week!

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