Chase Mode Chase Mode Chase Mode

     Today was by far the best chase day we have seen. We woke up  and got our morning forecast from our personal weather man, Ryan Hoke. Then we all jumped in and headed to our promising clump of active clouds.
While the clouds were still mixing and assembling we stopped in at Greensberg, Kansas. This town had been flattened about two years prior to our visit by a huge tornado. The amazing thing about this town is that when they decided to rebuild they made an agreement to rebuild green. They are an Eco friendly community. It was very uplifting to meet a few of the survivors. The whole town has a feeling of strength and hope for the future.
After visiting this pleasant town we got into chase mode and zoomed toward our now promising storm. We could all tell the weather was getting progressively worse, which was great for us. We pulled off for a few photos and saw plenty of other chasers while doing so. The storm moved closer and chase mode was activated and we sprinted for the van and made our quick get away. While we were fleeing our van was hit by a poor bird which we believe was a pheasant. It was sad but frighteningly exciting.
After finding a safe spot we stopes once more for pictures. According to our fearless leader Mr.Carey a few funnels did form but didn’t touch ground. By the time all the photos were taken we once aging had to flee, but this time it was dark. The only light we had were the fierce lighting bolts shooting out of our storm. The weather got really bad really fast. The rain was hard and the lightning persistent. But we made it our safe and sound. We found our hotel, ate, and hit the hay.
What I saw today was indescribable. The power and strength in the storm was humbling. I certainly did not expect to have such an emotional reaction to the storm but I truly did. Everyone should experience this some time in their life. There may have been no tornado but I didn’t even need it. I thank God for providing this incredible adventure. I can not wait to make art reflecting this trip.

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