When the Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Today turned out to be an amazing day. I want to start by saying that God is amazing. Amazing isn’t really even a fraction of what God is but we can’t put him into words. Our feeble minds can’t comprehend the least bit about God without his help and even then we don’t get to know much at all. Today was our first real storm that we got to chase. The morning started out nice enough with a good chance of storms breaking out after the 2 pm hour.

After leaving Pratt, Kansas this morning we made our way to Greensberg, Kansas, a city that was 95% destroyed by an F5 tornado that went through the city in 2007. The city is rebuilding itself to be almost completely green now. Greensberg is also home to the world’s largest hand dug well. A very nice citizen of the town took us to the museum and opened it up to us to see the destruction that was unleashed upon the city. The tornado that hit Greensberg did something that was really strange. It went through the town and then it hook back and went through again.

Our visit to Greensberg was cut short with the hope of possibly seeing a nice super cell. We all hopped in the van and headed after the storm. The storm didn’t pan out to be anything but we heard that another one was developing close to Dodge City and we headed off to intercept that one. When we intercepted the storm it look like we had hit the great divide. One side of our view was bright and blue and the other was dark and ominous. It was amazing to see the beauty and power of God shown off at the same time in two different ways. The destruction and the ability to devastate and at the same time the bright blue sky on the other. We watched the storm enthralled for a good while then moved to a better location where we wouldn’t be soaked by the outflow. We parked again and watched the storm that looked like it could drop a tornado at any time for a while longer. Eventually we moved again this time headed to Dodge city with plans to call it a night. It was getting dark so we couldn’t see very well and then the outflow picked up tremendously. If the wind and rain didn’t seem to be bad enough we catch a glimpse of what appeared to be a wall cloud in view as well. It seemed to us as storm chasers that we had moved from the realm of hunting the storm to being hunted by it. Thankfully no tornado developed at night which would have been difficult for us to see or watch out for. On the plus side though we got to see an amazing lightning show. This just seemed like an opportunity for God to show up and show out. I believe Job says that each lightning bolt will call out to God and say, “I am here.” Thanks Amy 😉

Tomorrow will be our last day on the hunt for the elusive tornado. Hopefully we will get the privilege of seeing one of these great phenomenons.

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