Day Six – In which there are storms

Today we were able to sleep in a little since we were already in the area that storms would later form. Around noon we stopped in Greensburg, Kansas: a small town still recovering from an EF5 tornado that flattened it in 2007. That was an enlightening experience. I have yet to see the damage done to my home area of central Alabama so, in a way, Greensburg was my first look at the damage caused by such strong tornadoes.

The day continued and by 2:00 we were in full chase mode. The first storm we observed was northwest of Ellsworth. It had two or three rotation areas on radar, and when we arrived there were a few finger funnels. However, those soon dissipated. The cell we were chasing merged with another, making it too difficult for us to keep up with. We then headed toward Dodge City where a single cell was forming; we intercepted it and got to see an amazing lightening show. There were two or three times where it seemed like a wall could and funnel tried to form but none were successful.

After that we went for a very late but very good dinner, and then found a hotel…Sometimes there a strange people at hotels and I’ll leave it at that.


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