Chase Mode! Chase Mode! Chase Mode!

Day Six
Yesterday we continued in chase mode. We got up, filled up, and filed out. We went to Greensberg, Kansas. Greensberg is a town that was hit by a tornado a few years ago and completely wiped out. They started rebuilding immediately and when they did they decided to go completely green and design the city exactly as they wanted. It was incredible to see how fast the community has bounced back and grown together. Those of us that have family or were personally effected by the tornadoes in north Alabama were encouraged by the words of hope that the townspeople had to offer.
After exploring the town for a little we got back on the road. We headed toward a promising area.
In the late afternoon, we saw a beautiful supercell that had great potential to produce something exciting. It never actually produced a tornado that we saw, but it was absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful testament to how great and powerful God is. On our drive back to the hotel it got a little scary because we had to go from chase mode to flee mode. In the end, we made it back safely and got a restful night’s sleep and prepared for a full day ahead.

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