As I am writing this blog the team and I are currently in chase mode! After several days of perfect weather, the tide has turned and now we are facing threats of strong storms with possible tornados and chance of hail.

The atmosphere in the van is that of sheer excitement. After 4 days of sight seeing, we’re all very ready to encounter what we’re here to see. With every call on the radio from our lead vehicle announcing more instability in the area, Mr. Carey begins to drive faster and faster in hope of getting us to the sweet spot at just the right time.

As we approached what was supposed to be the perfect spot, we came across a beautiful developing storm cell. After chasing it for over an hour, it unfortunately fizzled out due to a cirrus shield that prevented the storm from rising higher.

Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities. The forecasts are looking great for severe weather in the Pratt, Kansas area which is where we are tonight. Stay tuned for the adventure that is sure to unfold tomorrow.

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