There’s something terribly invigorating about waking up in the morning with no idea where you’ll end up by day’s end. Such is the life of a vagabond … Or a stormchaser.

Today we entered “chase mode” and perfected our van-loading time to a seamless few seconds. We started seeing the first significant cloud developments of the week during our drive from Childress, Texas to the Oklahoma panhandle. We may or may not have quizzed each other a bit on the cloud types (cumulonimbus for the win) as the adrenaline got pumping for the severe weather possibilities for the day.

We stopped for a bit near Woodward, Oklahoma to watch, wait and play a bit of frisbee. A mesoscale discussion was issued by the SPC which indicated favorable conditions for severe weather development just north of Woodward. We located a cell that appeared promising and spent a few hours watching it develop and dissipate before proceeding to Pratt, Kansas. We’ll spend the night here and be in position for the best chasing possibilities in the morning.

Who knows what another day will bring? I, for one, am ready to find out.
Being nomadic is actually quite thrilling.

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One comment on “Vagabonds

  1. Nancy Machen says:

    Glad the trip is going well, and you are enjoying the vagabond life! 😉

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