The Thrill of the Chase

I know I typically only write one blog a day, but I just cannot resist the urge to share my feelings. After four days of clear skies and beautiful sightseeing weather, the chase is finally upon us.

We are currently traveling towards the panhandle of Oklahoma, where our models tell us there is a fairly strong chance of severe weather and even the formation of supercell (the most likely type of storm to produce tornadic phenomena) in the early evening around 5pm.

My excitement is ever mounting as we inch closer to our destination. It seems almost impossible that the powder blue skies I gaze at now will soon be wracked with the havoc that is mother nature’s fury. An eerie, somewhat unsettling, peace has fallen over the land. Perhaps this is because we are still several hours from our final destination. Perhaps it is merely the musings of my overactive imagination. Either way, I believe I now understand the true meaning of the phrase “the calm before the storm”.

Snakeskin we found at the Meteor Crater in Odessa, Texas

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