The Game is Afoot

Today was our first day actually on the hunt for a super cell. We started the morning in Childress, Texas but we soon found ourselves in the panhandle of Oklahoma. This where we got our first shot at a decent cell. We followed the cell for about an hour hoping that the storm would shoot through the cirrus shield but the storm never gained enough strength. The storm eventually dissipated and we moved on in search of a new cell. We found a weak boundary in Alva but nothing that was enough to cause us to stick around.

The highlight of the day was probably all of us standing around throwing the frisbee waiting for the first cell to become of appreciable size. I know that this trip is supposed to be in the name of science for the learning of tornadoes but we have had a ton of bonding time and made life long connections with people not only in our school but with people from all over the world.

After the last boundary we decided to head on up into Kansas to where we will be chasing tomorrow. Tomorrow is supposed to be our best chance so far to catch a tornado so hopefully we’ll find one. We are hoping to stick around Pratt, Kansas all day tomorrow and I think that Friday we may do some chasing  back into the Texas area leading us back to Amarillo for our flight out on Saturday morning.

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