Day Five

The day began with us driving to Oklahoma for our first chase. At lunch, which was really good Mexican food, Todd (FYI the man in charge of the entire tour group) explained to me that there was a low pressure over the area causing the wind to blow from the Ne; there was also wind higher in the atmosphere coming from the Sw. This set up wind shear needed to create rotation. With moisture from the Gulf and the slope of the plains helping with lift, everything was set up for a supercell to form. Sadly a cirrus shield (layer of clouds in the upper atmosphere) blocked the sun effectively capping the system. Ultimately there just wasn’t enough energy for a storm to form.

Even though today was a bust, I got a taste of the chase and it was thrilling. Tomorrow looks more promising! So hopefully something will happen (in a non-populated area).

In other news: three states in one day! Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.


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