A Good Practice Day

We were so close today to seeing some severe weather, but not close enough it seems. We started out in Childress, Texas, heading north. I never realized how much waiting was involved in storm chasing. We would drive for a half hour or so, then pull over and simply wait and see what would happen. Obviously there was a more scientific side to this for Ryan and the others with the computers in the van, but for the most part we just spent time talking and playing frisbee until Mr. Carey told us to pile back in the van and head off to our next destination.

We crossed through the Oklahoma panhandle, which is where we saw the most ‘action.’ It was such a cool sight to watch how quickly these storms develop, and to be able to recognize some characteristics of the structure. We followed one in particular for about an hour that looked phenomenal, but the development was put to a halt by an upper level cirrus cloud shield, and the storm quickly dissipated. Frustrating? Oh yes. I think it was a good introduction time for tomorrow though. We saw the basic levels of formation, snapped some pictures, had some practice loading and unloading the van in ‘chase mode,’ and will be, i feel, better prepared for the real deal tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it looks pretty awesome. We are staying in Kansas right now, right in tomorrow’s hot zone. All the elements needed to see some superb supercells are in place, and our hopes are high.

I am growing more and more in my amazement and admiration for God’s creation, specifically the sky. I’m so drawn in by absolutely gorgeous cloud formations with the pristine, deep blue back drop. I love being able to watch as the air currents swiftly catch the clouds, swap them around, and create an endless myriad in the sky. God is SO good, SO beautiful, and continually exceeds all my expectations and imaginations. Ephesians 3:20-21 says “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or imagine…to Him be the glory.” I’m realizing ever more the truth in that scripture as i witness first hand the glory of God in his creation this week.

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