The Great Adventure

Greetings from New Mexico,

It’s good to be up and blogging! I’ve had technical difficulties with my blog up until now and have not been able to post. Today was day 3 of our great adventure and what a great day it was. We started the day out with caving in Carlsbad Canyon in New Mexico. Next we went to Guadalupe National Park and went on an incredible hike. Then if that wasn’t enough for one day, we went to the salt flats right before sunset.

As we went from 3 different extremes of our Heavenly Father’s creation, I was reminded of just how incredible and creative our God really is. From being 800ft below the surface in the largest cave I’ve ever seen in my life, hiking the great mountains of the Guadalupe National Park, to tasting the salt of the salt flats. The Lord has truly blessed us with such an incredibly vast and diverse home that we call Earth.

While it may seem otherwise, we really are here to chase storms! The weather has been what the majority of people would call perfect these past few days. Nevertheless it has allowed us opportunity for some amazing sight seeing, but we are still anxious to do what we’re here to do. The forecasts are looking favorable for producing storms starting Wednesday. I’m pumped! Until then we wait, explore, and get to know each other better than any of us had ever hoped. (just kidding about the last one)

As things start to develop and get more interesting as the week goes on be sure to stay updated through the blogs each night, or my facebook and twitter for up to the minute updates.


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