Let’s Get Physical!

Day Three
Today we went back to the Carlsbad Caverns to walk through the caverns because they were already closed when we got there yesterday. Walking through the caverns and seeing all the incredible geological structures was one of the most truly awe-inspiring experiences of my life. As a kid we used to go to Desoto Caverns, but I was too young to understand the significance of it and the size of Desoto compared to Carlsbad is nothing. Seeing all the magnificent rock formations made me think of in the Bible where it talks about how even the rocks will cry out to God if we don’t. After seeing all these beautiful rocks that God has created, whether above or below ground, wouldn’t God rather have them sing praises to Him than us. They are so beautiful and we are so filthy, and yet He Loves us enough to be patient. That is just something that I have been thinking about today.
After Carlsbad, we stopped and ate in White’s City where we will be staying tonight. After lunch, we drove back into Texas to the Guadalupe mountain range where we went on a “half mile hike”. Apparently we didn’t turn around where we should have in order for it to be half a mile and we ended up going all the way around the circle. When we got back to the trailhead, the sign said it was a 2.3 mile hike, but it definitely felt longer. On our drive over to Guadalupe, our car was hit by a dust devil and you could feel it move the car which was pretty cool.
After we got back and got everyone rehydrated, we drove to the other side of the mountains to look at the Salt Flats. While we were there, we saw another dust devil, a very large one actual. A few of our team members had the brilliant idea to lick the ground (granted Mr. Carey told them to taste it). Needless to say, it was very salty. Pictures were definitely taken and will be kept forever.
All in all, I believe we hiked about five miles today.
Now we are headed back to Carlsbad for dinner then for much needed sleep.

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One comment on “Let’s Get Physical!

  1. Laurie says:

    Very cool! We went to Carlsbad Caverns when I was 18, and I still remember vividly how incredible it was. Someday we hope to take the girls.

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