Highs and Lows.

Climbing down. Climbing up. Climbing over. Climbing under. All this in one very physically demanding day. We returned to Carlsbad Caverns, this time we came to see the lovely homes of the bats not the graceful migration to find food. In order to see their living space we had to hike down 700 feet into a deep dark cave. The natural curves and cuts in the rock were beautiful. I must admit I’m jealous of the amazing view these bats have. The thick darkness, clear silence, and crisp cold air is such an inspiring surrounding. I couldn’t describe what I saw in that cave in any other way than a master piece.
After climbing down we switched gears and climbed up. We trecked our way up part of the Guadalupe Mountains. Although the climb was a lot longer than planned it was worth it. The view was massive and the sky was sprinkled perfectly with fluffy clouds.
After our fast work out we quickly visited the salt flats and headed back to our peaceful rooms where we actually didn’t have to make too much of a climb to get to. Over all this day was a blast. This trip has been so much more than I planned. I’m going to walk away with life long friends and life long memories. I’m not sure if there is more to gain.

Alien sighting in Roswell, NM

The team in the Big Texan

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