From Carlsbad to the Salt Flats

Today started slightly earlier than yesterday. We left the hotel at 8 a.m. headed back to Carlsbad Caverns to actually go inside the caverns. The formations inside the cavern were simply phenomenal from top to bottom. literally. The decent from the natural mouth of the cavern to the bottom of the cavern is about 80 stories. On the way down we saw typical cave markers like stalagtites and stalagmites. We also saw some cool things that I haven’t seen in other caves before. We saw a rock that had fallen from the top of the cave called the iceberg rock. It kind of resembled Pride Rock from the Lion King. The rock weighed approximately 200,000 tons. When we finally reached the bottom of the cavern we entered a room called the big room. Real creative name right? The room was about 600,000 square feet. That’s like 14 football fields!!! We saw several formations that resembled things we’ve seen before. We saw a formation that came from the roof that looked like a lion’s tail. They had another one called the Chinese Theater.

We stopped for lunch after leaving the cavern. I wasn’t impressed with my lunch so we won’t talk about it. After eating “lunch” we headed back into Texas to the Guadalupe National Park. Where the highest peak in Texas is located. This point is called Guadalupe Peak. Another creative name I know. There is another interesting landmark in the park. It seems to be a little better known than the highest peak. The point that I speak of is El Capitan. Josh and I made a deal that when he is elected president, his first official act will be for the two of us to hang glide from the top of El Capitan. We didn’t actually get to go the peaks themselves, although we did walk a trail that I thought was going to lead us to the top of one of the mountains. We arrived at a pure spring that flows from the side of one of the mountains.

After walking for what seems like forever we made it back to the base of the trail and headed for the salt flats of Texas. As we arrived at the flats we noticed a dust devil had blown up on the other side of the road from us. As we are getting out Mr. Carey gives us a little geology lesson on the flats. He tells us about how the salt is the leftovers from the erosion of the mountains. He also told us that the ground actually tasted like salt. So you know what that means right? Oh yeah, Josh and I licked the ground in the middle of the Salt Flats. Yes it did in fact taste like salt but it was also rather gritty.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a crater and mainly position ourselves a little better for Wednesday when hopefully we get to start legitimately start chasing. There is a slight chance that we can tomorrow so I guess we will find out then.

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