Exhaustion, an Ode.

Day 4:

Cave hikes are awesome. Desert hikes are awesome. Cave hikes followed by desert hikes are NOT awesome. Yesterday, we completed a journey the Carlsbad caverns, a 2 mile excursion, and stopped for lunch. After lunch, we went to Guadalupe national park / mountain range for what was supposed to be half a mile of fun, as we were unable to acquire water before this particular adventure commenced. Somehow however, we managed to turn a half a mile into 2.5 miles, and without water I ended up dehydrated. Not fun. Then it was back in the van headed for the hotel after visiting the salt flats, which are indeed very flat and very salty, to end our adventures on this awesomely tiring day. It has been fun, but I think there was about 26.435 hours of fun had within the course of about 8 hours. What a day.

Today was mainly filled with driving to position ourselves to watch for weather tomorrow. It furthered the exhaustion. We went and saw a museum entirely dedicated to sand, followed by a museum dedicated to meteorites.

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