Destination Unknown

I am writing from the back of the van today. The ambience includes the most unexpectedly eclectic playlist imaginable, courtesy of Mr. Carry’s iPod. We are surrounded by desert on all sides with nothing but open road ahead of us. Wonderful.

Today we returned to Carlsbad Caverns and trekked into its depths. Though two and a half hours wasnt nearly enough to fully absorb its magnificence, the time was sufficient to cultivate a deeper sense of fascination for the intricate details of the depths of the earth.

We spent the afternoon in Guadalupe Mountain National Park. Our hike was a tad longer than expected but exactly as long as it needed to be. There is nothing like standing on a secluded ledge high above the ground with the wind encircling you as you overlook the vast expanse of creation below. Those unforgettable moments of tranquility in the midst of rapidly paced adventure are truly my favorite.

This evening, we went to the salt flats, where I may or may not have tasted some. And I may or may not have participated in a footrace across said flats. And I may or may not have lost.

In other news, I had fried cheesecake tonight. And I do not regret it. Yet.

Tomorrow, I have no idea where we are headed. And I am completely okay with that. But I am convinced that the richest adventures begin with little to know destination in mind.

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