Today was a long and tiresome day, but not because we were going nonstop from sun up until sundown like we have been for the rest of the trip, but rather, because we literally travelled all day.

Of course, we had a few breaks here and there. One was to stop at the sand dunes. Since today was our first true desert heat day, we did no t actually go on the dunes, but we did learn about their formation in the museum on site.

Next we stopped at the site of a meteor landing. It was very intesting to see how a chunk of rock only a few feet wide could create such a massive hole in the earth’s surface. Meteorites are also incredibly magnetic. I found this out when I tried to pull a magnet off of one of them. It was incredibly hard to move. I felt like King Arthur extracting Excalibur from the stone by the time I actually moved it.

Tomorrow marks the start of an even greater adventure: the first day of actual storm chasing.

Big Texan Restaurant in Amarillo, Texas

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