Today was absolutely mind-blowing. We went back to Carlsbad Caverns and hiked down through the caves to start the day. I struggle to describe it. It was so huge and beautiful and intricate. I felt so small as I walked through. Seeing the way the structures form and hearing the distant pitter patter of water dropping. Crystal clear water pools and huge pits, too dark to see the bottom. There was evidence left over from early explorers; makeshift ladders, matches, etc. It was such a humbling experience, and really was the start of a change in perspective for me. Sitting there in the main cavern, surrounded by unspeakable beauty and power, enjoying the pristine silence, God started to open my eyes to a phenomenal truth.

He continued that opening when we went to the Guadalupe mountain range in Texas. We hiked a 2 mile trail through the desert brush til we reached the top, only to find a lush, thriving oasis. From that oasis, I had a breathtaking view out over the vast flat desert planes. As far as the eye can see, just flat desert. I’m sure some of the others thought i was crazy for taking as many pictures as i did, but I couldn’t help it. The sky was so perfectly deep blue with a few cumulus clouds scattered around.

Creation resembles the Creator by design. It has been so enriching and refreshing to realize that all of this beauty that surrounds me was created to be enjoyed by me and you. These massive caves that run for miles and miles under the surface are designed for us to explore. It’s like God is calling me, saying ‘Come here, look at this creation I designed, I know you are going to love it.’ And when I finally saw it, experienced it, i saw God’s power and glory revealed through it. That’s the purpose of creation: using physical beauty to reveal the glory of a non-physical God.

It’s crazy to think that, as a storm chaser, it’s been a blessing to have clear weather. I came on this trip for the storms, but I’m realizing that God brought me here for so much more. I could leave today back to Mobile and be satisfied, in all honesty. But I’m excited that the excitement isn’t over yet. Storms should be rolling in tomorrow, so the anticipation is building. More updates to come.

Carlsbad Caverns, NM

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