The Calm Before the Storm?

They say that there is a calm before the storm.  I just spent the entire week taking final exams.  If this is your idea of calm would you please tell me what crazy is, because I would love to know.  But with all the finals out of the way I can set my eyes on the more important task of preparing for our trip to Texas. Did I also mention that I also had to move out of my dorm this week?

Hopefully at this time tomorrow I’ll be sitting on a plane with 8 of my new best friends.  Headed to Texas to chase storms and possibly take on that massive steak at the Big Texan. I’m still in deliberation over that last part though.   But the most difficult part was not deciding to go on the trip, the finals this week, or finding somewhere to keep my belongings for a solid week.  It was easily trying to fit a weeks worth of clothes into one carry on sized bag.  I’m a decent sized fellow, so two pairs of shorts in the bag and there goes half my room. This should be interesting expedition not just for the storm chasing but finding out how much I can get in that carry on.

What does ones parents think about this expedition? Well…. I told mom that I was taking this class and she in a very serious voice said, “You’re kidding right?” After several hours of explaining the class she eventually agreed to let me take the class. But the question that my mother posed has been asked of me many times in the last four months.  If not that question then “why” I guess it’s hard for people who don’t have a love for the unknown to understand these things. I’m deeply burdened for the people that are effected by these disasters but I have a passion to learn about them. Last weekend I went to East Limestone with some friends to help clean up and I was looking at a map on the wall that I was slightly confused about because it was only three lines going across half of the area. A lady walked up to me and said. You probably don’t know about this but in 1974 a pair of tornadoes came through here and the one that came through last week split them. This is what I want to know about. Why does this happen? How does this happen? Why the same place? Questions that I am hoping to find an answer to.

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