Off The Beaten Path

Everybody needs some time to “waste” doing something outrageous and unusual. A little adventure broadens one’s perspective and fosters the depth of experience that hesitancy and normalcy would otherwise leave untapped. Today, we disembarked in Amarillo and proceeded to wander off the beaten path (quite literally, at times), and into the richness of experience that can only be embraced through bold exploration.

Our curiosity led us first to a TexMex lunch (priorities). We then proceeded to the flea market because the junk of a community defines the essence of its culture. (Want to really get to know somebody? Check the trash. Tells you everything you need to know. :))

After some nerd time in the American Quarter house museum (I now know how to tie a quick-release knot, in case you were wondering), and a rather authentic American Indian gift shop, we opted for a quick power nap until the time came for the stormchasing meeting. That was an enlightening experience, much like the Big Texan, where we immersed ourselves in (not quite all) things Texas.

The richest experiences are often the most unusual. Looking forward to another week of discovery off the beaten path!

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