Alien Country

Today we left Amarillo and headed west to New Mexico. With no storms forecasted until Wednesday, our team decided to head for Carlsbad Caverns.

No trip to New Mexico would be complete without a trip to Roswell, the site of the infamous UFO crash of 1947. Our’s was no exception to this rule. Before continuing on to Carlsbad Caverns, we stopped in Roswell for a meal and a trip to the International UFO Museum. The museum was much less impressive than I expected. In fact, it was kind of empty. A large building with lots of wasted space. However, the information presented in the museum was very interesting and informative.

After leaving Roswell. We continued on to Carlsbad Caverns, where we got to watch the bat flight out of the cave at midnight.

It may not sound like my day was all that eventful, but riding for long periods of time, especially after not fully recovering from waking up at 4am for the plane ride, make an extremely tiring combination.


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