Snakes, Bats, and Aliens? Oh My

We left Amarillo this morning headed to New Mexico.  On the way Mr. Carey gives us a little lesson on the geology of the region. For a long time we drove on an escarpment commonly known as the Snake Plains.  We learned how the water that flows down from the capstone causes the the erosion of the land eventually leading to the flat lands that we now see. The area is called the Snake Plains because it was prime territory for the rattlesnake. We hit the state line and stop for gas. Amy and I decided that while everyone else was going to get a drink we’ll go take our picture with the “Welcome to New Mexico” sign. Little did we realize until we were trying to cross the road that there was no cross walk. So after waiting and running across the road we get our picture. We spend another 5 minutes trying to get back across the road. Then Josh and Kelsey decide that they want to go and conveniently a train comes and stops traffic for them…

After the we leave the gas station we head to Roswell, New Mexico to visit the UFO museum.  When we reach Roswell it’s time for lunch so we stop at a restaurant called Cattle Baron. I ate an amazing burger there called the Ole’ Smokey, it was a burger with bacon, cheese and bar-b-que sauce. From there we hit the museum. It was a bit of a let down. I was expecting… Well I don’t know what i was really expecting but I do know is what I did find wasn’t it. It was mainly newspaper articles and excerpts from magazines.  We walked around the museum for a little and then decided that it was time to hit up all the gift shops. We found a variety things from “alien” artifacts to Indian merchandise.  We even met an actual alien.

After visiting every alien giftshop from one end of town to the other we decide to head to Carlsbad to visit the caverns. By the time we actually arrived in Carlsbad, we had seen the highest point in Texas and the capstone for the Snake Plains.  Ironically Carlsbad Caverns isn’t located in Carlsbad, it’s located outside the city of White City. Real creative name right? On the negative side by the time we reached the caverns they had already closed. But we did get to see the bat flight which was absolutely amazing. Tomorrow we are heading back to the caverns to hike a couple of them. Besides that I’m not exactly sure what we are doing besides attempting to better position ourselves for the storm system that is hopefully coming through on Wednesday. This means that hopefully we will have three good days to chase to end our trip.

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