Meeting Aliens

Our second day of adventure proved to be something unbelievable. I met an actual alien. He owned and worked at his own alien gift shop. He had a hobby for deep-sea diving and Russian wrist watches. Aside from meeting an alien at the world-famous area 51 learning about the possible extraterrestrial interaction was fascinating. I even got to dabble in a little alien art. I certainly feel an out of world art inspiration coming.
After our trip to space we visited Carlsbad caverns. The view was breath-taking amazing. We then walked down and took a seat to see the incredible night flight of a colony of bats.
Sure this is a storm chasing trip but no one ever said anything about not being able to stop and see these incredible pieces of God’s power.
Our group is growing closer and the fun is never-ending. Our next day together will be even better.

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