man vs. food

We’ll l, I’ve been up since 4am, and for someone who isn’t a morning person to begin with, I’m not exactly sure how I managed it. Even so, here I am in Amarillo,Texas at writing this blog at 11:30 at night and running on 3 hours of sleep.

Once we got to Amarillo we went to an incredibly cheesy american quarter horse museum that I’m almost positive was meant for children 10 and under. Then we went to this really awesome native american gift shop before heading back to the hotel to have our safety briefing and meet the other members joining us on the tour.

We ended the day with a bang by having dinner at the Big Texan. After waiting well over an hour for a table, we finally got seated and eating. Let me just say the food was worth the wait. This is the place seen on the travel and discovery channel for their 4.5lbs steak and potato challenge. I didn’t eat 4.5 lbs worth of steak, but I did eat a proportionate amount to my size. I feel accomplished. And stuffed.


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