Cloudless Exploration

Today was a delightful “sunshine tour” day. Though we spent most of the morning in the van traveling from Amarillo to southern New Mexico, we certainly didn’t waste the time since Mr. Carey has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history and landscape of the area and an incredibly observant eye to point out the nuances that our untrained eyes wouldn’t otherwise see. I also logged a few reading / pondering hours (yeah, nerd).

But then we arrived in Roswell, NM, where we learned of aliens, UFOs, and numerous surrounding conspiracy theories. We even met an alien. We know he was one because he said so. I know you’re all jealous about that.

After a trip to Carlsbad National Park to observe the bat exodus at the batcave, I am thoroughly exhausted yet completely energized by the adventure of it all. There’s something about the exploration process that awakens me to a new depth of fascination.

Though we don’t have any severe weather yet, I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore. And the latter part of the week may know what the earlier never suspected …

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