Peter, Paul, and Mary??

“All my bags are packed. I’m ready to go… I’m leaving on a jetplane. Don’t know if I’ll be back again.”

Well, bright and early tomorrow morning I’ll be boarding a plane headed for Texas. These past few days have been interesting as I have attempted to see just how much I can stuff into a duffel bag and camera case. They are deceptively small, but I managed to pack everything I needed plus some paperbacks and cards for the plane ride.

Ashton, Alisha, and I are staying at Alisha’s cousin’s house for the night. I must say that I think there is no better preparation for a trip to Texas than a little game of Texas Hold’em. Unfortunately, I didn’t win…

I think I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight. I’m pretty excited. I just hope  airport security doesn’t decide to strip search me at random….


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