Family Matters

Texas sweet Texas!
The day has finally come and the adventure has begun. As soon as our storm chasing family landed in the lovely city of Amarillo we all had the same vision in mind. ADVENTURE!
We checked into the hotel and left on foot to find our first few pieces of spontaneous fun. We found a Tex Mex restaurant and dived into the spicy culture. We then simply crossed the street and jumped right into a flea market. With our hopes high and excitement busting at the seams we trekked up the other side of the high way and ventured into a quarter horse museum. After learning about the beautiful creature I slipped a quarter into a mechanical version and had myself a little ride. That just might have been the best part. Soon after absorbing all the horse facts we decided to walk to the American Indian gift shop next door. This shop was amazing. I really enjoyed all the delicate and majestic beadwork. I crumbled and bought two feather hair clips for my artsy accessories for the week.
Considering the fact that we all were running on less than 4 hours of sleep we broke down and headed back to the hotel for a relaxing break. Nap time is a usual must for me so this was really nice. After resting up and a quick meeting with the group we headed to the very cultural intense resturante The Big Texan. No one in our group was brave enough to try and tackle their 4.5 pound steak special but we watched in amazement as others in the restaurant tried. We then practically crawled back to our rooms and climbed into our beds. Over all this day has been the perfect start to this fun trip. I hope tomorrow has even more in store!

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