Day One

We began our journey at 4 am this morning. Once ready Alisha, Ashlee, and myself drove to the airport to meet up with the others. On the way there we had a pre-chasing chase: a storm was right in front of us, flashes of lightining illuminating the cloud tower brillantly. We pointed out the features because we could.

After two flights (one of which most of us napped through), we arrived in Amarillo! The group ate lunch at TexMex, and then explored the Flea Market near by. I ended up going back to the hotel to take a power nap while everyone else continued to explore. Personally I think I got the better end of that deal as I wasn’t falling asleep at dinner.

At 6 pm the Storm Chasing group went over safety and other important things that my now exhausted mind can’t think of at the moment. We then went to dinner at the Big Texan House. It was amazing.

And that was my day. Now it’s time for much needed rest before we hit the road tomorrow.


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