Day One, Such a Beautiful Diversity

Day one of our adventure has come and gone, and what a fantastic day it has been. After a very short night, we boarded a 6:40 am flight to Houston, then to Amarillo. We arrived around 10:30, and had no plans until our orientation meeting at 6 this evening, so we had the entire afternoon to explore everything in walking distance of the hotel including Tex-mex, a flea market, The American Quarter Horse Museum, and an Indian craft gift shop.

I’m fascinated by the culture here in Amarillo. It’s been such an enriching experience to meet and talk with people here, and get a glimpse of life through their eyes. It’s a completely different atmosphere and lifestyle. I love it. It’s something that I didn’t initially anticipate about this trip. Obviously, my mind was on the storms, and the knowledge and understanding i can gain from studying them. I’m very thankful that I had my eyes opened to the beauty of diversity that will surround me this week, which i also count on studying and learning from.

After our orientation meeting, we had dinner at The Big Texan. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences. Again, it just has it’s own unique culture and demographic. Not to mention phenomenal food and musicians.

As far as the layout of the week goes, it looks like we will have pretty peaceful weather through Tuesday. That being the case, we are going to do some sight seeing, which I’m pretty excited about as well. Tomorrow we are driving over to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. I had never heard of the place before but it sounds pretty awesome. It’s possible that we will spend some time in Roswell also. Mr. Carey has a plethora of geological and historical knowledge about the great plains, and several of these sightseeing locations, so I’m excited for yet another opportunity to learn about something i would never have the chance to in normal circumstances. Starting Wednesday, and carrying on through Friday, it looks like we will have a pretty good chance of some severe weather to wrap up the week with.

I’m loving the adventure already. It’s so refreshing, calming and relaxing, yet entirely invigorating. God is SO good, and i’m just excited to get to learn more about his creation this week, not only through weather, but through geology, geography, and cultural relationships. This will be good.

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