The Night Before

My name is Josh. I’m a senior at UMobile studying political science, business, and as of late, storm chasing. You see, one of the great things about UMobile is the unique opportunities her students often find themselves in the middle of. Our class has been studying severe weather and tornados all semester and now and we are now finally less than 8 hours from our flight to Amarillo, TX.

On the eve of our great adventure I find myself feeling extremely excited, hopeful, and anxious to get things under way. My fellow classmates and I will be blogging daily about our adventures of the day. Be sure to stay updated.

In the mean time, a few of my classmates and I are watching the movie “Twister” the night before we leave to get ourselves pumped (and to write a paper on it) Our flight leaves Pensacola at 6:15am Saturday morning. I’m not even sure if the world is still spinning at that hour, but it’s the price we pay for following the call of adventure.

Hang on tight,

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