Staring into the Beautiful Unknown

It has been an exhausting week finishing up my finals, and turning in projects. Few things compare to the wave of relief that comes when you finish that last exam, embracing the sweet, relaxing transition into summer and preparing to hibernate for a day or two. I figure I’ll skip that last part and go storm-chasing instead.

Only about 27 hours stand between me and the plane to Amarillo, marking the start of our journey. I’m excited, nervous, impatient, anxious and still a little shocked that this is actually going to happen. It’s such an intense and overwhelming feeling as we draw closer to departure, staring into the beautiful unknown that lies ahead.

So, what am I doing to prepare? I have been quizzing myself on a lot of the things we have learned this semester, keeping all the terminology fresh on my mind, and doing my best to study storm prediction radars. I think i’m getting a good handle on things, but only time will tell. I’m pretty much all packed up I think. I have my backpack and…Oh, thats right…just my backpack. We had a nice little crash course on what it means to ‘pack light.’ It’s all part of the experience.

Try as I may, I really can’t begin to describe how i’m feeling right now. I’m excited to see a tiny glimpse of the power of my God. It’s such a rare and powerful experience to witness His strength in a physical form. There’s nothing I love more than to sit on my front porch during a thunderstorm, feeling the wind, hearing and watching the rain pour down as lightning shoots across the sky. Sure, it may be nasty weather, but it’s so beautiful by design. It’s mysterious, it’s powerful, and It’s so much bigger than me or my ability to understand. Creation points to its Creator, and I happen to be a fan of Him.

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One comment on “Staring into the Beautiful Unknown

  1. Amy Herman says:

    Im proud of you and excited for you, but please be careful! hugs sent your way! cant wait to hear about it all!

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