Prepare for Unpredictable

Final exams have, at last, concluded, and I am currently questioning my decision to endure the week without caffeine. (It seemed like a good idea, in theory). However, the thought of the quickly approaching stormchasing tour is stimulating enough during this mid-afternoon lull.

How, exactly does one prepare for such an excursion? Well, for one, watch Twister. No, really. It’s on all of our to-do lists this week, not for its superior scientific qualities but for its lack thereof. We have been assigned the task of finding the errors in the film. So, that will take approximately 113 minutes of my life prior to departure.

I suppose I’ll also condense my personal belongings into as small of a suitcase as I can manage and eat healthy meals to compensate for the inordinate amounts of fast food predicted for next week’s cuisine. I’ll also watch the radars for severe weather activity just to see how accurate my predictions can be. (So far – not very. But I suppose that’s the fun in it!) I think I’ll also do a little research to determine how we should spend our extra time in Amarillo. I’m thinking TexMex …

Truly, though, there’s no way to prepare for this. After looking at the photos and hearing the stories of the devastation in the wake of the recent tornado outbreak, I’m reminded of the unpredictable, uncontrollable nature of the phenomena we seek. Therefore, I am going eagerly yet cautiously, full of curiosity and awe-struck humility.

I am compelled to take the risk of the unpredictable to encounter the spectacular. There’s something about the pursuit of the unexpected that I simply cannot ignore . . .

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