Here I am, Rock you like a hurricane… I mean tornado

Well hello there,

I am Kelsey. I just finished up my Freshman year at the University of Mobile seeking a degree in Worship Leadership. I grew up in Auburn, AL (no, I do not really care about football). I have done a little bit of everything in my lifetime. I play guitar and sing. I have studied all different forms of dance for 13 years including classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, Irish step dance, and lyrical. I was raised by photographers and artist, so I learned from them. I rode and took care of horses for years. But when it came time for me to choose what to do with my life, there was no question, I focused my attention on music, which is what brought me to UM.

This semester, my classes consisted of Music Theory, Survey of Music Technology and Media, Choir, Classical Voice lessons, Commercial Voice lessons, Piano lessons, Honors English, and Storm Chasing. As you can imagine, this has started many conversations. People always ask “Why would you take a Storm Chasers class?” My first response to that would be, if you have a school that offers a class on storm chasing that ends in an actual storm chasing trip as a four-hour lab science, why would you not take it?! In addition to this, these storms are a huge testament to God’s awesome power. We study and invest time and resources into trying to understand them and predict them, but no matter what we do, we cannot control them. To me, it shows how our best efforts are as filthy rags compared to God. So my expectations for this trip will be of course to learn academically more about these storms and what causes them, but more importantly, see the power of my God displayed in such a visible and tangible way.

It was very nice to meet all of you. I look forward to going on this crazy adventure together.


Isaiah 61:1

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