Tornado in Sight, Pencil in Hand, and Opportunities Blaring.

Hello. I am one of the few and proud soon to be storm chasers of the University of Mobile. I am nineteen and I come from a land frequently unheard of, Seguin, Texas. I am a freshmen art major with big dreams of changing the world one art piece at a time. Coming from the art community at the university  and wanting to chase tornadoes it is a little confusing to most. Many ask why in the world would you want to risk your life for science? For a while I even had to ask myself the very same question. But I often remind myself why it is I decided to take this adventure. It is to develop and venture into a possible new form of art. I usually stick to the classics such as drawing and painting but I have a desire to reach more people and I think this is a HUGE opportunity to do just this. While on the trip I am sure I will not have enough time to pull out a canvas and pour out a master piece. If I am graced with the presence of a tornado the image and power will rush through my brain and leave a mark and provide enough inspiration within myself to later use the feelings to make art. Also taking amazing photos of these phenomena won’t hurt. 😀

I am deciding to create a whole new genre of art called EXTREME ART. And I am sure I will be able to truly verify this after our adventure that is quickly creeping upon us. My parents taught me to never back down or turn from an opportunity that can help pursue my passion. I have certainly thought about RUNNING from this opportunity every once in a while but now it is too close to even flench. I hope to make them proud. I look forward to this trip and can not wait to create my first piece of extreme art!

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