Looking Ahead with Anticipation

My name is Daniel. I’m a Junior at the University of Mobile, and am double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. This semester I have had the incredible opportunity to take a class on severe weather/storms. I’m so fascinated with thunderstorms and tornadoes, and always have been. I’m drawn in by the mystery, the power, the design. We think we know so much, but we really know very little about these natural phenomena.

I have lived all around the world, but never in a place where severe weather is a regular threat. The worst I have experienced is hurricane weather. I leave in just over a week on a trip to the Midwest to chase storms. ‘Why?’ is the question I am continually asked, and the one I’ll try to answer here.

I see God’s power and design when I look at creation. I am progressively realizing that i understand so little about the natural world around me. I am going on this trip because i want to deepen that understanding as much as possible. With the opportunity to study these phenomena in the field, and to witness the power they possess firsthand, I hope to be better equipped to study and predict storm patterns on my own and to more adequately offer help to others through my experiences, while being respectful of the power and damage that these storms are capable of.

Filled with admiration for an Almighty God,


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